Amazing Portland SEO Experience

As you can tell by the amazing title I had a pretty amazing experience with a person who is my friends now but is an amazing Portland seo consultant.

I have told you in earlier posts that I don’t want you to go down some of the same pot holes that I got myself stuck in.  And it seems one of the biggest pot holes that people tend to get stuck in is how to truly market their company once they are up and going.

People used to just put adds in the yellow pages and the newspaper and then business would come to them.  Well that is not the case anymore.  People look for what they need online.  If they need something they just do a search and then they find what they need.  Usually they will look on Google but their is also Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Facebook and so on.  Basically they have many choice to choose from but mainly people will use Google.


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Twitter Madness

J-san here again.

My new rant today is about twitter.  Twitter can be an amazing tool for success and to grow your social prow.  But it can also be ones down fall.

As you know I am all about entrepreneurs and what they are all doing for success.  I was just recently on a friends twitter account which is about Portland SEO on twitter.    Now that is a person that is using twitter as a resource and not a way to just be present an make a useless name for themselves.


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A Limo Company?

White Modern LimousineYou bought a limo and are starting a limo company?

Are you crazy?

Those were my first words when a friend of mine said he was starting a limo company.

He said he created an awesome website that generates leads and now he has a way to service those leads.

Before we move any further in this article check out his website by (clicking here).

Ok.  I thought his website was okay.  It didn’t look pretty but it got the point across.  Then he showed me the number and statistics behind it and I was blown away.  But still a limo company.  He can barely drive at best.


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Surviving When Things Are Tough

Build a bright futureI have a really good friend that owns a roofing company  His name is Dan

As many of you probably know and if you don’t know then you must have been hiding under a rock or something.  We recently went through a really bad recession.  Started about 2007 or so.  The exact dates can of course be debated.  But this recession hit people REALLY hard.  Especially anyone having anything to do with housing or construction.

As with most people and companies Dan had to cut back.  In other words he had to fire or let go about 90% of his work force.  It was tough for him because he knew his workers relied on him and his business to make a living.  Dan tried everything he knew to do but he knew he had to cut WAY back.


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Steps To Success

What is success?

Many people ask this question.

I took to Wikipedia to answer this and here is what I came up with thanks to Wikipedia:

  • Achievement of a goal
  • Opposite of failure
  • Attainment of higher social status

We are going to focus on the first two because I believe the last one is garbage because that is all relative and in the eye of the beholder.


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Here We Go

CognitionOk time to get this blog rocking.

Today I am just going to go into a little rant.  Nothing to great but just some excellent words of advice.

Learning and school is awesome and great but people tend to get stuck in a rut of wanting to learn more and more and more at a school, institution, webinars, etc.  What they fail to do is get out into the real world.  That is where the real learning is done.  It is done by doing.

I’m not talking down school or education by any means.  I feel school is VERY important but what I am saying is that you don’t want to get stuck and enclosed in walls.  Be free.  Make mistakes, learn form them and then move on.

Every great successful business person out there are doers and not consistent learners.  Yes they do learn but they are out there doing the real deed.

Look at Doctors for example.  They go through a lot of schooling but where they turn into real great doctors is when they do their residency and learn hands on what to do.  Business is the same way.  You learn but in order to become great you have to get out their get your hands dirty and find your destiny.

Be a doer.  If you need more education and can’t afford it then read.  I hear countless stories out their of people that never had a real formal education and found tremendous success.  The one thing that I found in common with all of them was that they were readers.  Leaders are readers.  That is basically what college is.  You read and then a professor tells you about what you read.  So innocence you could get the knowledge of a college education just by reading.  Kind of crazy to think about it that way but it is so true.

So just go out and read.  Their are so many amazing business books out there which I will be reviewing in later posts.

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Welcome Here

personal developmentWelcome to my new site JSan.

So I named my new website J-san because:

  1. It’s awesome
  2. why not
  3. it’s really close to my real name without totally revealing what my real name is

If you really find an urge to know more about me check out my about page where you can learn a whole lot about me.

But I will be talking a lot here and telling you a lot about personal development.

I love to give:

  • book reviews
  • webinar reviews
  • audio and audio book reviews
  • seminar reviews
  • conference reviews
  • speaker reviews

You name it I am going to be giving a review on it.  Because I feel REAL personal development and REAL personal development gurus and worth their weight in gold.

As you noticed I capitalized real because their are a lot of people out their that are not the real deal in other words they don’t walk their talk and are in it for the money and fame and you need to steer clear of the people.

I am an entrepreneur and businessman by trade.  I have had a lot of failures but I do believe that those failures have only added to my current success.  I really want to help the current entrepreneur avoid some of the pot holes I have ran into.  Granted I realize you have to make some of your own mistakes to truly get ahead but it does not hurt to have some guidance so those pot holes are not so deep.

I love to give shout outs to fellow entrepreneurs out there that I have good experiences with.  Ones that are doing the real deal and truly making a difference in their community.  It’s all about giving out love and that is what I want to give out to all of my brothers and sisters out their trying to make a difference in their lives and others.

Looking forward to your comments

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