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personal developmentWelcome to my new site JSan.

So I named my new website J-san because:

  1. It’s awesome
  2. why not
  3. it’s really close to my real name without totally revealing what my real name is

If you really find an urge to know more about me check out my about page where you can learn a whole lot about me.

But I will be talking a lot here and telling you a lot about personal development.

I love to give:

  • book reviews
  • webinar reviews
  • audio and audio book reviews
  • seminar reviews
  • conference reviews
  • speaker reviews

You name it I am going to be giving a review on it.  Because I feel REAL personal development and REAL personal development gurus and worth their weight in gold.

As you noticed I capitalized real because their are a lot of people out their that are not the real deal in other words they don’t walk their talk and are in it for the money and fame and you need to steer clear of the people.

I am an entrepreneur and businessman by trade.  I have had a lot of failures but I do believe that those failures have only added to my current success.  I really want to help the current entrepreneur avoid some of the pot holes I have ran into.  Granted I realize you have to make some of your own mistakes to truly get ahead but it does not hurt to have some guidance so those pot holes are not so deep.

I love to give shout outs to fellow entrepreneurs out there that I have good experiences with.  Ones that are doing the real deal and truly making a difference in their community.  It’s all about giving out love and that is what I want to give out to all of my brothers and sisters out their trying to make a difference in their lives and others.

Looking forward to your comments

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