Surviving When Things Are Tough

Build a bright futureI have a really good friend that owns a roofing company  His name is Dan

As many of you probably know and if you don’t know then you must have been hiding under a rock or something.  We recently went through a really bad recession.  Started about 2007 or so.  The exact dates can of course be debated.  But this recession hit people REALLY hard.  Especially anyone having anything to do with housing or construction.

As with most people and companies Dan had to cut back.  In other words he had to fire or let go about 90% of his work force.  It was tough for him because he knew his workers relied on him and his business to make a living.  Dan tried everything he knew to do but he knew he had to cut WAY back.

So he bit the bullet and let almost everyone go.  He had to do it before he was forced to do so by the bank. After he did that as he said he was living on hope and prayer.  He was forced to get creative to find work.

What he did in that time changed his business forever.  He found out how to effectively use the internet to get new business.  Dan along with everyone else knew the best way to get more business was to ditch the yellow pages and go online.  Especial on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So Dan took it upon himself to learn the internet so to speak.  He learned that once you figured out what you were doing that it was a treasure trove of leads.

Ok once he got the leads then he realized you had to work on sales because people do shop around online and he had to sharpen his skills to keep the people on the phone and make me work of commitment.  And that is just what he did.

Let me tell you Dan got very discouraged a lot and he still does but he always persevered to figure stuff ut online and he also had the time to do so because his business was at a stand still.  He called me a lot asking of advice and I would give it to him as long as once he got back on his feet he would repair some of my gutters.  Even if he never was able to do so that i all right because it’s always a good idea to help out a friend in need.  I would have done it for free.

Anyways once Dan figured it all out to the point where he was getting a consistent flow of leads again it was off to the races for him.

He was able to hire back all of his staff again.  His company tripped in size and he just keeps on growing.  Now he just outsources all of his online marketing because he knows what to look for and to see if the guy he hired knows what they are doing and he just focuses on growing his amazing business.

The lesson here is that Dan could have given up and called it a day.  But instead he realized what his business needed to survive and it was leads and that all the leads were coming from the internet.  And that referral work is good when the economy is great but you can’t survive on that when things, especially the economy go down.

He stuck it out learned a bunch of new skills and then he bounced back better than ever.  When the economy goes down again Dan will be ready because the skills he learned will be skills he can use forever.

My advice to you is to go out and learn some internet marketing skills so you can be ready for anything.

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