Twitter Madness

J-san here again.

My new rant today is about twitter.  Twitter can be an amazing tool for success and to grow your social prow.  But it can also be ones down fall.

As you know I am all about entrepreneurs and what they are all doing for success.  I was just recently on a friends twitter account which is about Portland SEO on twitter.    Now that is a person that is using twitter as a resource and not a way to just be present an make a useless name for themselves.

I don’t know about you but why do some some famous athletes even have twitter accounts.  They always are getting is trouble for saying ridiculous stuff.  I am still curious who are the people that really follow all these people and really care what they think.

I am all for the people that are trying to create a brand for themselves and post funny creative stuff all the time.  You can tell most of them have a plan and are trying to capitalize on their brand by posting really engaging stuff.  I say good for them because they are not already famous and trying to capitalize on being famous.  I think you know the people I am talking about.  And those famous people are not even posting their own stuff 95% of the time.

If you are famous then don’t post ridiculous offensive stuff and the later inputs it and apologize for it.   Unfortunately those apologies are not any good anymore.  As far as news wise they count but everyone knows the truth.  If it was posted they were thinking and feeling strongly about it.  Or they were drunk and started to tell how the really felt about stuff.  I guess what I am saying is when something gets unposed it does not disappear.  So if you are famous if you want to speak your mind that is really cool but:

  1. Do it sober
  2. Do it yourself
  3. Be prepared for the repercussions for some tweets

As I have said earlier twitter can be very powerful if use properly and in the right way.  But if used the wrong way it can really harm you.

I like twitter because it is really personal like a text message.  The message is short sweet and to the point with no fluff.  I like that and I don’t waste 1 hour trying to write a post.  Woo hoo!

So all I am saying is use it wisely and remember if you are wanting to use it for business just look who is on twitter and using it all of the time.  It is not baby boomers it is the younger crowd that is on it all the time.

Baby boomers and older people are all on Facebook.  But people that trust the internet and don’t care about the man spying on them are all on twitter and they are ready to engage with you.  They are not just sitting back and reading stuff they are interacting.

So go tweet something.

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