Amazing Portland SEO Experience

As you can tell by the amazing title I had a pretty amazing experience with a person who is my friends now but is an amazing Portland seo consultant.

I have told you in earlier posts that I don’t want you to go down some of the same pot holes that I got myself stuck in.  And it seems one of the biggest pot holes that people tend to get stuck in is how to truly market their company once they are up and going.

People used to just put adds in the yellow pages and the newspaper and then business would come to them.  Well that is not the case anymore.  People look for what they need online.  If they need something they just do a search and then they find what they need.  Usually they will look on Google but their is also Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Facebook and so on.  Basically they have many choice to choose from but mainly people will use Google.

One might think like I did that its really easy to just get a website put it on the web and then get found on Google.  Boy was I wrong in thinking that.

  1. First creating a website is extremely difficult
  2. Then once the website is created its extremely difficult to make it functional
  3. Then once its functional it difficult to make it look really good
  4. Then the hardest part is then getting your website found on the internet

As you can tell their is a lot to be done on trying to get your digital marketing done and I did not even mention all of the social profiles that have to be created.

So naturally I went to research how I can get all of this stuff done and boy is their a lot of information out their on digital marketing.  The first place I found some information was Moz beginners guide to seo

Well that was all fine and dandy in reading that because after I read that I was even more confused than I was before.  I used to think I was pretty smart in all things but I soon learned that was not true because this digital world is really confusing and I really did not have the time to learn and master it all especially when everything is constantly changing.

So the smartest thing I ever did was go online and try to find an expert to try and help me and my business.  Boy that was tough also because everyone claims to be an expert so the trick was to try and find the expert that rally was an expert and would help me in a way that would not get my website in trouble.  The only reason I knew anything about how you could be in trouble was from all of my reading I did and all the horror stories I heard from other people.

So I found a bunch of people and what I found was that prices were all over the place.  Some really cheap and other were really expensive.  But as the old saying goes you get what you pay for is true here.  I tried some people that were cheap and they sucked and then I tried the people that were expensive and they delivered awesomely.  So I guess the trick is to try and find the diamond in the rough if you have the patience and money to find it.

So in the end the company I found which was Portland SEO Now was amazing and they deliver like you would not believe and now my phone is ringing off the hook.


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