Here We Go

CognitionOk time to get this blog rocking.

Today I am just going to go into a little rant.  Nothing to great but just some excellent words of advice.

Learning and school is awesome and great but people tend to get stuck in a rut of wanting to learn more and more and more at a school, institution, webinars, etc.  What they fail to do is get out into the real world.  That is where the real learning is done.  It is done by doing.

I’m not talking down school or education by any means.  I feel school is VERY important but what I am saying is that you don’t want to get stuck and enclosed in walls.  Be free.  Make mistakes, learn form them and then move on.

Every great successful business person out there are doers and not consistent learners.  Yes they do learn but they are out there doing the real deed.

Look at Doctors for example.  They go through a lot of schooling but where they turn into real great doctors is when they do their residency and learn hands on what to do.  Business is the same way.  You learn but in order to become great you have to get out their get your hands dirty and find your destiny.

Be a doer.  If you need more education and can’t afford it then read.  I hear countless stories out their of people that never had a real formal education and found tremendous success.  The one thing that I found in common with all of them was that they were readers.  Leaders are readers.  That is basically what college is.  You read and then a professor tells you about what you read.  So innocence you could get the knowledge of a college education just by reading.  Kind of crazy to think about it that way but it is so true.

So just go out and read.  Their are so many amazing business books out there which I will be reviewing in later posts.

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